Hospitality, flavour and tradition

Sardegna è was born from an idea of Antonio, an urban architect who wanted to share the experience of the tradition and hospitality,as well as the identity of this Island through both architectual details and and the scents of endemic wild herbs and plants tipical of the flora of the Island Sardinia.

Rooms & Villa Charme&Design Pittulongu

Sardegna è-Rooms and Villa Charme&Design is a new and confortable tourist accomodation located near Olbia, only a few steps away from both Pittulongu Beach and Lo Squalo. There are three thematic rooms named as the typical Sardinian plants: Lavanda Suite, Elicrisio, Lentischio, according to the different scents diffused in each room. Moreover there is the Villa Charme&Design.

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Lavender Suite

B&b Pittulongu - Olbia

1 - 4


Elicriso Room

B&b Pittulongu - Olbia

1 - 2


Villa Charme&Design

Pittulongu - Olbia

2 - 7


Stazzu di L'Incantu

The Stazzo di l’incantu is part of the Sardegna è idea of high level ospitality.

Situated in the Gallura area, the Stazzo di l’incantu retains most of its original architectural features,and it represents a vital link in the chain Sardegna è which has the purpose to build a route to discover the Island identity,traditional food and beverage, archeology and folklore.

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B.Apartments are a group of apartment situated inside the Geovillage Sport Wellness & Convention Resort located in Olbia, which is within a short distance by car of Pittulongu’s area, only 6km away from the beach.

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Some solutions available for this structure B.2A

Geovillage Torre 2 - Olbia

1 - 3

City B.3B

Geovillage Torre 3 - Olbia

1 - 3

City B.3A

Geovillage Torre 3 - Olbia

1 - 3


Why staying at our place?

At Sardegna è you will find a concentrate of Sardinian hospitality wrapping you up in the scents of Sardinia and in a warm reception which is the cultural heritage of our ancestors that we would like to be known ad appreciated throughout the world and to remain in your heart!

Our staff is there to make your stay enjoyable and relaxed.

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