Gallura Wine Tours: 3 Tasting Itineraries

Dive into Gallura's wine world with three curated itineraries featuring iconic wineries and cultural sites. Gallura, famous for its Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, offers a plethora of tasting experiences amidst its scenic vistas.


Itinerary 1: Aglientu - Luogosanto - Calangianus

Starting from Aglientu, head towards Luogosanto where we recommend a visit to Cantina Mancini and Cantina Siddura.

At the foot of a small rocky summit overlooking the ruins of the Judical Castle of Balaiana, you'll find the vineyards of Cantina Piero Mancini, one of Gallura's historic wineries renowned for its Moscato di Gallura DOC. Nestled among lush and extensive vineyards, the estate off

ers a tasting experience featuring six labels from the winery, along with a tour of the vineyards.

Cantina Siddura, awarded as the best Italian winery at Vinitaly 2021, is nestled in the green hills of Luogosanto. Inside, you'll find works by contemporary artists. The environment blends the warmth of traditional "stazzi" settings with today's culture and art.

Lastly, we recommend exploring the territory of Calangianus, up to the splendid setting of the San Leonardo hills overlooking Lake Liscia. Here, you'll find the vineyards of Cantina Tondini. At the estate, immersed among the rows, you can take vineyard walks and enjoy wine tastings. Booking is required.

Visita i Vigneti Piero Mancini

Visita le Cantine Siddura

Visita le Cantine Tondini


Itinerary 2: Aglientu - Luras - Calangianus - Berchidda

Starting from our farmhouse in Aglientu, we propose an itinerary that seamlessly integrates wine tasting with an immersive exploration of wine culture in Gallura.

One unmissable stop on this journey is the Cork Museum in Calangianus. Nestled within the historic seventeenth-century convent of the Capuchin friars, this museum offers insights into the traditional cork processing methods that define Gallura, particularly in the Calangianus region.

Visitors embark on a sensory-rich tour beginning in the cloister and winding through the ancient cells and workspaces of the friars. Guided by knowledgeable staff, guests are led through every step of cork processing, from tree extraction to final cork crafting for bottling.

The museum showcases a collection of antique tools and sophisticated equipment used in cork transformation. Additionally, visitors can inquire about opportunities to explore local cork production facilities or artisanal workshops.

Just three kilometers from Calangianus lies Cantina Muscazega, spanning 40 hectares across Luras, Nuchis, and Tempio Pausania. This meticulously restored estate from the early 1800s offers a unique wine tasting experience, coupled with the flavors of local produce, all set against a backdrop of female-inspired entrepreneurship.

Further along the itinerary is the Wine Museum in Berchidda, boasting a treasure trove of ancient winemaking tools like plows, presses, and vats. Visitors are treated to a multi-sensory journey culminating in a wine tasting session that elevates the entire experience. The museum's cellar serves as a Regional Wine Shop, showcasing a diverse array of wines from across the island.

Enhancing the visit is a multimedia section and an educational vineyard adjacent to the museum. Gallura's rich winemaking heritage is also showcased in other ethnographic museums such as the Museo Galluras in Luras and the MEOC Museum in Aggius.

Visita il Museo del Sughero di Calangianus

Visita le Tenute Muscazega

Visita il Museo del vino di Berchidda


Itinerary 3: Olbia – Arzachena

Our third itinerary begins right from Olbia. In the territory of this Gallurese town, Tenute Olbios are worth a visit, boasting a large underground cellar and an elegant, spacious room overlooking the vineyards, dedicated to receptions and tastings.

You can continue the tour in the Enas area, just a few kilometers from Olbia, where you'll find the vineyards of La Contralta. This estate, surrounded by lush hills, overlooks the Gulf of Olbia. From Monday to Friday, you can participate in tastings of their own wines.

If you want to diversify your day, a stroll in the nearby archaeological area with the Judical Castle of Pedres and the Tomb of the Giants Su Monte e S’Abe is worthwhile.

We recommend continuing the tour in the Arzachena area, where we highlight Cantina Surrau, set up in an elegant and modern structure where tastings and events take place. The wine tastings offered are an opportunity to discover original pairings. On the same estate, a space is dedicated to art, and temporary exhibitions are also organized. If you want to visit an Instagrammable spot, take a look at the artistic installation at the staircase of the Church of Santa Lucia in the historic center. Every year, a different artist is called to express themselves.

The Capichera estates are also increasingly appreciated for wine tastings. The winery's proposed tour starts with a golf car tour through the vineyards to learn about the history and cultivation methods. It concludes with the tasting of five wines paired with typical products.


Capichera also offers tailored experiences such as dinners with a private chef, visits to farms with cooking classes, boat tastings, and grape harvesting in the cellar.

You can end the day with a stroll on one of the beautiful beaches in the area.

Visita le Tenute Olbios

Visita le cantine La Contralta

Visita le Cantine Surrau

Visita le cantine Capichera


Additional Information for Wine Enthusiasts:

Moreover, throughout Gallura, the Vermentino Consortium offers itineraries for cellar visits, tastings, vineyard tours, ceremonies, and personalized events. Wineries are becoming increasingly widespread and receiving important awards.

Wine-related Events:

Lastly, we'd like to briefly mention wine-related events. Opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine are growing. Here are the most significant events in Gallura:

Firstly, the Vermentino Festival in Monti, held on the first weekend of August, is a highly anticipated event loved by many tourists who venture from the coast to inland to visit the Monti Social Winery.

Increasingly renowned is the San Leonardo Vermentino Wine Festival, held at the countryside church of San Leonardo. During this event, attendees have the chance to taste various labels of Vermentino from the Calangianus, Luras, and Luogosanto regions, along with typical products and dishes such as the traditional Gallurese soup.

On the night of San Lorenzo, on August 10th, there are several locations where you can enjoy a good glass of wine while admiring shooting stars. We recommend the "Calici di Stelle" event organized along the streets of the historic center of Tempio Pausania.

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